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ASHES - 'Ashes' CD


Image of ASHES - 'Ashes' CD

Malignant Voices 2019, MV27
Regular edition jewelcase CD

From a time long gone and forgotten, emerge Ashes. The band founded by guitarist Nefar (Medico Peste) evokes the spirit of early- to mid ‘90s melodic black metal in vein of Katatonia and Forgotten Woods. Filled with brooding melancholy, overwhelming cold, but also a myriad of hooks, these four hymns form a sombre monument of spiritual vacuum and total life denial. Dark, unfashionable, true to the ways of the Old. As it once was, so it is again.
g, b, k – Nefar (Medico Peste)
d – The Fall (Medico Peste, Over the Voids..., owls woods graves, Mgła live)
v – Vann
Recorded, mixed and mastered by M. at No Solace Studio
Arts by Damian Parlicki Art
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