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IN TWILIGHT'S EMBRACE - 'Lifeblood' (limited CD w/patch)


Image of IN TWILIGHT'S EMBRACE - 'Lifeblood' (limited CD w/patch)
  • Image of IN TWILIGHT'S EMBRACE - 'Lifeblood' (limited CD w/patch)

Limited edition:
- red jewelcase CD
- patch
- "Mother of No Mercy" holy picture

Pre-Order Item - Available May 13, 2022
Feel free to buy. Ships immediately upon release date.

The sixth full-length album of In Twilight’s Embrace.
47 minutes of restless, haunting and unorthodox Morbid Rock.
Profane and profound at the same time, “Lifeblood” is the band’s own ceremony of opposites.
With equal reverence to the ways of Black Metal of Death from up North, and catchy rock of the decades gone past, but never losing the adventurous nerve, the album shines as their most deliberate statement.

Produced by Marcin Rybicki and In Twilight’s Embrace at Left Hand Sounds & Vintage Records.
Cover painting by Igor Datkiewicz/WS Artworks.
Layout by Kontamination Design.

1. The Death Drive
2. Smoke and Mirrors
3. Lifeblood
4. Iskry
5. So Bleeds the Night
6. Sedation to Sedition
7. Te Deum

CD out on 13th May 2022 via Malignant Voices.
LP version out in late 2022/early 2023 on Terratur Possessions.

CD released by Malignant Voices exclusively.
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